Come have a pint! Wed 5.20.20

No Rails – Phase 1 Opening

What to Expect

  • 50% occupancy:   That means the maximum we can have in house at any given time is 40 people.   


  • Social Distancing:   Tables will be at least 6 feet apart.  Please keep walkways clear and stay with your group at your table unless you are coming to the bar to order a drink.  


  • No Bar Seating:   The phase 1 requirements prohibit bar seating.  Yes, this makes things a bit tougher for those of you who usually come in by yourself and sit at the bar.  
  • Extended Sanitation Times:    Phase 1 requirements are that tables, chairs and any other touch points be thoroughly sanitized between every customer.  This means we will have to spray them with a solution that can kill the COVID-19 virus.  This solution takes 10 minutes to be completely effective, so there will be a delay between when one group leaves and another can take that table.
  • No Snacks:    The popcorn machine and pretzels are common touch points that we will not have available during at least phase 1.   You are, as always, more than welcome to bring your own food or snacks with you.  
  • No Water Station:   As this is another common area touch point, you will need to ask your bartender for a glass of water if you would like one. 
  • No Table Service:   As we are instructed to minimize employee table side interactions, we ask that you please order at the bar and maintain social distancing as you do so.
  • Small groups Only:   Maximum group size is 10 people.  
  • Limited Seating:  Due to social distancing requirements, we’ll have a limited number of tables and seats.   It’s very possible during busy times that we will not have open seats and will have to turn people away.  We hope you will understand that it’s not what we would like to do, but we have to do to meet the state guidelines.  


While we are very much looking forward to having our patrons return for a pint or two, your safety, our safety and the safety of our area as a whole is of utmost importance.  It won’t be quite the same experience you are used to and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we figure out how best to staff and run a taproom under these conditions.  


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